Eyes Mask Jasmine

The intense jasmine fragrance envelops the body and mind, pampering your senses.

Contains 5 self-heating masks.

Duration: 20 minutes

Unit: 5pcs



Price: € 8,00

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Product description

Eyes Mask is the perfect solution for your tired and red eyes. Easy to use, safe and ideal for any time of your day.
Aromatherapy combined with the action of steam for 20 minutes gives your eyes a comfortable relaxation.

Tested ingredients effectively help localized blood circulation by maintaining
controlled temperature of 40 °.

Suitable for:

Thanks to its comfortable design you can wear it anytime and anywhere

  • during your travels
  • on the plane
  • on the train
  • on the bus
  • or comfortably before going to sleep

Instructions for Use

  1. Take out the Eyes Mask and open it up following the dotted line on the ear-hook part attached at the back;
  2. The white surface must be placed on the skin around the eyes, while the side with deeper indent should go around the nose;
  3. After hooking the ear-hook parts around your ears, take a rest in a comfortable position while keeping your eyes closed.

It’s not a medical product

The Eyes Mask is an excellent sleep aid.